I am not a genius.  This book and blog are the result of sixty years of mistakes, traveling to 30+ countries looking for answers including a month in Tibet, living in China for 8 years, studying est, Rolfing, Craniosacral, Peter Levine’s trauma work, Qi Gong, Access, Tai Chi, Laughter Yoga and Feldenkrais.

But I was one of the lucky ones for I was happy until age twelve when life turned upside down and miserable.  But because I knew how happy life could be, I searched relentlessly to regain the peace and contentment I knew as a kid.

Originally the book was called “Joy for Dummies” because I felt so stupid to fail repeatedly especially when simple little exercises and distraction could bring relief.  At age fourteen, I stopped smiling to see the lies that smiles hid.  But by age seventeen, I used smiles to keep people from knowing about my struggles against depression and shame so pervasive I begged for death to end the pain.

I guess you could say I faked happiness until I found joy.