16 – THREE pars in 9 holes!

The last two years, I golfed four times and often tripled par. This summer I golfed 3-4 times a week and twice by myself which since no one was behind me, I played up to 5 balls. Some called this cheating; I called it practice. The man at the driving range got to know me after going three times in one week. I came to love golfing in the rain for it kept down the bugs, crowds and heat.

Eager to play more, and feeling a new hunger for the game, I joined the Metro Ladies Group in Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada). In a few short weeks, I played new courses, made new friends, and my game improved to where I parred three times in 9 holes. Joining a group made it more fun and got me adventuring an hour outside of Halifax.

Hole 11
Hole 11 PAR

Author: Kathryn MacIntyre

Graduated UCSB, Rolfer, Laughter Yoga Teacher, Author of 12 books, ESL Teacher, studying Feldenkrais, motivational speaker teaching joy.

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