11 – Happy Drunk

This post is to test whether I make sense drunk. I’ve been drunk only a handful of times and never to the point of passing out or vomiting. Yet it took so many tries to get into my website that I’m afraid I’ve lost what I wanted to share. Yet I had the patience to persevere, meaning that I haven’t been able to access my website because I got so irritated that I gave up in the past few weeks, which is why you haven’t heard from me. That’s not to endorse drinking, but again, citing this an experiment.

Most people I’ve known drunk have been sad drunks or angry drunks. However, Canadians like my husband are amorous drunks to the point of saying “I love you” and kissing me in public, both typically not comfortable nor common actions shared in public.

So it surprises and delights me to find I am a Happy Drunk. I’ve had two vodka-mint-raspberry drinks; one was enough to know I was in no shape to drive; two had me barely able to keep my eyes open, yet my auditory skills seemed heightened. This post is to test whether that while I cannot walk a straight line nor barely navigate stairs that my mind is lucid.

The new title of One-a-Day Joy seems the most suited for my upcoming book. Why? Because I need help every day!!! It’s like I well remember being born a joyful creature and resent and get frustrated when my joy is thwarted. Hence, most every day I need a new way to find joy. As blasphemous as it sounds, God hasn’t been enough nor have anti-depressants nor have techniques that worked brilliantly the day before.

My life has been a quest of finding new ways to find JOY today.

TODAY’S JOY: Spending $200,000 dollars.

Inspired by Abraham-Hicks’ book The Processes (Ask and It is Given – Part II), they advise to imagine spending money. They believe that the psyche doesn’t know the difference between spending the money in reality versus spending it in imagination.

They purport that to attract money one must be willing and ready to receive it, and imagining spending money puts one in a state of such joy that one is ready to receive money in actuality.

I cannot describe the joy it has brought me all day spending this sum a dozen times. It is the largest sum I could tangibly conceive of having in my hands. It has made clearer what I really want to spend my money on and more importantly, how just the thought of buying is enough to bring me joy, that I don’t actually need to make the purchase.

1. Taking my daughter and her husband for a $50 dinner = 4,000 times.
2. Assuming it costs $300/hour to rent a helicopter = 667 hours of flying = 16 weeks of flying 40 hours/week… can you imagine the joy of flying so many hours in a helicopter? I’ve flown straight up waterfalls in Maui, over San Francisco Harbor and the Grand Canyon, out to Catalina Island, over volcanoes in Kauai and New Zealand; it’s always bliss.
3. Buying 5,000 Mimosa Trees — paradise to imagine lying amidst a large meadow of such glamorous trees.
4. Buying 100 Macbook Air computers (11 inch, 2 lbs.), keeping one and gifting 99 to others.
5. Putting the down-payment on a house in Santee, California.
6. Putting the down-payment on a house with a view of water in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia within the city limits that pleases my husband, too.
7. Traveling the world on a cruise for a year, both me and my husband.
8. Gifting the money to cause that would do good.
9. Going to a remote area where $200K would truly change their lives.
10. Renovating my home AND putting in a down-payment on a house in Santee, CA.
11. Handing a dollar to two hundred thousand people and hugging each one.
12. Giving $400 to the first 500 people who came to see my one-woman show called “A Funny Thing Happened When I X-rayed Myself.”
13. Giving $40 to the first 5,000 people who came to see my one-woman show called “A Funny Thing Happened When I X-rayed Myself.”

There are more, but with even just those daydreamed while attending class, I spent $2.6 million dollars.

Previous processes had me stuck at spending $500K. Yet it was so easy to imagine spending this sum of money. It gave me joy in a way that delighted me. That sounds profound. Joy always delights.

Advice to you: Take your bank account, or the amount you could borrow, and imagine spending it over and again in all the wild and fun ways you can imagine. See if it doesn’t bring you joy.

Why is JOY so vital? Joy makes priorities clear which makes decision-making easier. When Joy fills the bored hours, the sleepless hours and lifts one from the depressed hours, the time is well spent and enjoyed. Joy makes life interesting and more colorful and often more productive.

JOY is your best friend in bad times, in bleak times, and in alone times. Joy works whether you believe in God or not. Joy is always there if you are willing to see it. Joy never abandons you. It is you that abandons JOY.

Let me know your reaction to this post. If you liked it, tell me why.

I need feedback.

Hugs and joy, Kathryn MacIntyre