Are you unsure if divorce is right for you?
Have you struggled in your marriage, with thoughts of divorce lingering in your mind? You can’t sleep, and eating is difficult. Your religion doesn’t agree with divorce, yet you are so unhappy in your marriage that you are at a standstill. You pray all day and night for an answer to get the question of divorce answered, but no answer ever comes. The only thing you do know is that you deserve to have harmony in your home.

After two divorces, Kathryn MacIntyre knew that perfect marriage could be attainable. To seek out the answers to a perfect marriage, she traveled around the world and is now happily married. She uses her techniques as a certified laughter yoga instructor, teacher, and certified Rolfer to help others determine if divorce is right for them.

In Divorce Made Easier: Decide if Leaving Is Right for You, you will learn how to:

  • Feel God directing your marriage in new ways
  • Easily manifest joy in your life
  • Assess what you most need from your husband
  • Empower you to take better care of yourself
  • Measure if your marriage is getting better or not
  • Get clarity and understanding about your marriage
  • Bring harmony into your home.
  • If you’re truly ready to determine if divorce is right for you, join Kathryn as she guides you to the ultimate answer that has God’s blessing.

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    FOREWORD of the book:

    Look at your hands right now. Seriously. Look at them. They are fashioned to hold things.

    Right now, your hands are very likely holding the answers that you’ve long sought. Perhaps the key to the questions you’ve longed for. As Charlie Jones once said, “Where you’ll be five years from now will be determined by the people you meet, the choices you make and the books that you’ll read.” Better choices are made by gaining knowledge and wisdom. This book is going to be not just ‘one of the most amazing journeys’ you’ve taken through the pages that follow; it will quite likely be the most important one you’ve ever embark upon.

    Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to. Someone who knows where you are or has been where you are now. You need someone who has felt the pain of a life that hasn’t turned out as you’d dreamed.

    When we are young, we have dreams about love, family, success and more. We have that deep sense that ‘someday, I’ll be extremely happy.’ You, as a woman, might have thought, “I’ll meet him. He’ll know my needs. He’ll understand who I really am. And he will fill every crevice of my soul with healing and love.” However, the white picket fence seems to be no more than a taunting, teasing and cruel promise and vague hope.

    What happened? Why didn’t I get what I dreamed of? Why am ‘I’ so unlucky? Why am I so miserable, depressed and crushed in my heart? The reality of life is, things don’t go the way we’d hoped. It isn’t just you, even though I know you may feel alone, unwanted and devastated. Most people face their own ‘dark night of the soul.’

    When I was a kid and things didn’t go as expected, or they turned out to be a total disaster, my grandpa used to say, “Michael, remember. The earth is made of dirt.” Grandma would fire back another quip, “And YOU are made from dirt.” Even the ancient scriptures say, “In this world, you will have tribulation.”

    When life is spiraling out of control and it seems that all of your friends have abandoned you, there is still hope. To find that hope, I suggest that you read every word of this book. Kathryn has been where you are and perhaps even worse. She candidly opens her heart and her story to give you that hope. Not only does she inspire, but, she informs you, step-by-step, in answering your questions.

    I see you sitting there asking yourself or perhaps whispering a prayer saying, “What do I do now?”

    Listen to Kathryn. I know her. I’m not just someone who she’s asked to write these words that I’m saying now. I know her well. She’s real. This book is her. This book is you. She unravels the mystery for you in understanding where you are, what you feel and where to go from here.

    I heard a man say once, ‘When you buy a book, you aren’t paying for paper, glue and ink. You are buying a person’s life.’ In this book, you aren’t just holding in your hands Kathryn’s life, but, you are holding the essence of her soul. She tells you her struggles as pure and as raw as they’ve been. You’ll identify with her every step of the journey. Not only that, you’ll learn how to get from where you are now to where you truly want to be.

    Kathryn will take you by the hand and gently and lovingly walk with you. Not only will she show you the way to go, but, as you make this book your close companion, she’ll be with you all of the way. In these pages, she becomes your best friend, your loving guide, your confident mentor, your wise counselor and more. You’ll feel her warm touch as she wraps her words around your soul. Please don’t just read this book. Absorb it into your own essence. Feel the pain and let these pages heal your spirit and follow her guidance.

    Michael Murphy Author of Powerful Attitudes
    Zhengzhou, Henan, China, 2019