5 – Ask for Help!

Why do we pretend to be brave when we are barely holding together?

Why do we smile when our world has crumbled?

Why do we rarely ask for help when help would alleviate our pain, struggle, grief, confusion, hardship,  flagging self-esteem, money troubles, etc.?

  1. PRIDE is a gremlin that hog-ties our feet and wire shuts our mouths.
  2. SHAME is a bigger beast that swallows us up until we hope to become invisible.  Or dead.

SHAME is the cancer of pride.  Toppling from being right to finding out you’re wrong can be a devastating belly-flop.  Not willing or not able to be wrong can lead to a lifetime of denial, being defensive, blaming others, shaming others, and causing volcanoes of anger.

What if SHAME is the root of all problems?

  1. Always keep an ace for emergencies.
  • For many years that was a beloved therapist.  Just making an appointment buoyed me to where I felt calmer and stronger.  In essence, I’d been thrown a life raft to hang onto until I could get help in person meaning I no longer felt overwhelmed and incapacitated by life.
  • Life coaches are a great resource.  They don’t focus on why you are the way you, they focus on getting you where you want to go.  They are positive, encouraging, usually knowledgeable about things you don’t know or will give suggestions where or who to reach out to.
  • Audio books that build confidence, including but not limited to this list.  Listen to them working around the house, exercising and even sleeping especially if wake a lot at night.  Resting with eyes closed, and mind and body still, is almost as restful as REM sleep.  Plus, hearing encouragement bolsters confidence helping you to sleep more soundly.  Soothing words lull us back to sleep.
    • The Success Principles by Jack Canfield
    • The Astonishing Power by Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks
    • Ask and It Is Given by Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks
    • Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins
  • FREE YouTube videos by Abraham-Hicks
  • Friends, family, mentors are often struggling with their own life issues, so don’t take it that they don’t like you or that they don’t care if they can’t or refuse to help.

HELP is only a phone call or an audio book away.